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Take the Lifestyle Assessment in the the Lifestyle Audit Handbook today. The Lifestyle Audit Handbook was created to help you take inventory of where you are in your life today. 

It will help you gain clarity on where you are today so that you can map out a clear direction toward where you want to be in life, business, and career. Within the audit, I have also included a free assessment you can use to score each area of your life to include: relationships, finances, health, business, career, social, and spiritual. 

The Ultimate Lifestyle All-in-One Journal & Planner

The Ultimate Lifestyle All-in-One Planner is a semi-customizable journal and planner, designed for your individual needs. It was created for you to use as often or as little as you please without the concern of expiring. The planner guides you in creating your personal mission, vision, goals, non-negotiables, and more.

Chasing 31: The Modern Girls Guide to Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman

Chase Michaels found herself on a journey. When Chase decided to embrace the journey with no regard for the destination, she found herself accomplishing things she never dreamed she would. Chase did not let her circumstances guide her decisions. Chase realized all she had, was all she needed. Chase’s journey is a story of intentionality, resilience and determination. It illustrates that dreams we did not know we had can be revealed to us and come true when we embrace the journey that is life.