“What do you truly want?” How often do you ask yourself that question and answer honestly? 

I had never really stopped to think about  that question until a friend asked me 2 years after marrying my dream husband, giving birth to my dream daughter, and leveling up in my dream career. I was on track with on the checklist of society’s standards.

College degrees? Check
Marriage? Check
Children? Check
Career? Check

But there was something missing. See, society doesn’t actually have “live in alignment with your soul’s purpose” on their checklist. And that’s what I TRULY desired – – I craved it. It took me a while to shake the guilt of wanting more when “technically” I had it all.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck on autopilot and overwhelmed by the idea of even trying to get off of the hamster wheel. You have no idea where to start or who to even ask for help because you can’t even really find the words to express how you’re feeling. All you know is there is something deep inside of you screaming to be free. I know, I’ve been there. Without judgement I finally got honest about what I truly desired.

I desired what I believe you desire, to stop striving for perfection, to be fully present in your own life, and to do work and live life in alignment with who you are at your core.  

So, I took a deep look at each area of my life. I created a plan to change what I didn’t like, do more of what I loved, and identified specific people I could trust to hold me accountable and help me to get there. During this process I realized that it was no longer my desire to have it all by society’s standards or to be superwoman. I wanted to create and live a life I was truly called to live without guilt, shame, or judgement for choosing to do so. 

Since then, it has been my life’s work to inspire and support women as they embark upon on their own personal transformation journey


Quiana believes its time for women to begin to live the lives they are truly called to live without guilt, fear, shame, or judgement for choosing to do so. Quiana’s life’s work is to inspire and support women as they embark upon their own personal transformation journey. Quiana is an Author and the mother to two beautiful girls.

Quiana has more than 12 years of experience working with business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in the corporate, non-profit, and entrepreneurial space. Her experience spans from working as a Consultant for Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies to working as a case manager and community advocate for disenfranchised populations and persons with disabilities. She graduated with a degree in Psychology, and went on to earn a Masters in Behavior Sciences with an emphasis in Organizational Psychology. Quiana’s work evolved to supporting women on their personal transformation journey after going through her own and finding other women desiring their own version of freedom – – freedom from society’s expectation of them; freedom from perfectionism; and freedom from guilt, fear, shame, and judgement for choosing themselves. 


We had this conversation once. I was super frustrated because I knew I was supposed to be doing something else…something “more.” She looked at me and asked one seemingly simple question, “What do you want?”

My answer, “I don’t know.”

That was it. That was the end of the conversation AND the beginning of moving in a direction to make mistakes, experiment and fail fast to find the answer. My answer.

She has helped me identify intentions and land on my non-negotiables. She consistently makes me laugh and has stood beside me when I cry.

And during a week when I decided I was going to begin a movement to bring Joy to the Table she was one of the first in line (online) to order.
Quiana has helped me realize the power that I have and the role that I play in designing the type of life and future I want to live. She has helped me imagine who I want to be and where I want to be 20 years from now and provided steps that I can take today as I work toward the future. She has helped me solidify my non-negotiables and helps keep me focused on my intentions. She’s a consistent source of support, in-tune with where I am emotionally and someone who genuinely cares about my happiness, my goals and the type of life I desire to live. Thank you Quiana for believing in me and being a constant support as I jump into a dream.

– Tia Norman, Joy to the Table | www.theblinkingline.com/blinkinglineboutique